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The Roasting Process 

Choosing a coffee for a blend is a particular process, distinct from choosing a coffee that will shine on its own; the coffee must fill a role to serve the blend. This is also how we roast it. Coffee must be roasted based not only on physical indicators (such as moisture content, growing altitude and processing method) but on how it marries with other coffees in the blend. In the case of single origin coffee, however, our roasting strategy is based on the characteristics we want to celebrate.

Whatever the desired outcomes, profile roasting is key. We spend significant periods of time roasting small amounts of a coffee in our lab, usually three to eight batches of the same coffee in different ways based on what we know about its physical indicators. We then test the results on the cupping table, refine our roasting variables for the next round of lab roasts, which we cup again. Finally we transfer what we’ve learnt onto our larger production roaster, bag it, and deliver it to our customers. It’s the part our customers never see, but what turns us on the most. 



The Mission 

It's 2001.  Tim Fraser, fresh from the basements of Atomica in Melbourne, has embarked on his first solo mission into the coffee universe. Little does he realise just how deep this black hole goes.

2016 and home base is a 250 square metre warehouse in O'Connor. On the back wall, a 30kg Has Garanti spins out Darkstar's four Blends, now well known across the Perth Metro. In the middle of the space, the cupping table hums with quality assurance and experiments alike. Because, while Darkstar may have carved out a space for itself in the coffee universe, there is always more exploring to do.



Our Stellar Range

Our range of coffees consist of three signature blends and several, seasonal single origins.

The Kelvin blend is rich and chocolaty, translating to a delicious milk based coffee or a punchy espresso. 

Zuri is a great all-rounder. It’s a blend of specialty grade coffees, created for milk (much like Kelvin), but offering rich complexity and a touch of acidity. 

Charli is a blend of high-end specialty coffees. It features sweet acidity and balanced complexity, with a fine chocolate aftertaste. 

Our seasonal range of single origins are chosen based on their own exceptional characteristics. Some display the regional characteristics of their country of origin, some are selected because they show exceptional individual characteristics of their very own. Some sing with bold acidity, for example, some have a velvety mouth feel, others have the flavour of fudgy chocolate or ripe strawberries. Single origin coffees are particular, just as preferences can be, so they can be exciting and challenging, confronting even. 



Our Homebase